Hanukkah Lights (full poem)

*Darling Readers, I wish you the sweet sense of expanding Love and Light during this holiday season…whatever way you choose to celebrate*

Hanukkah Lights

in the deepest well of winter

where all is cold and dark

a single flame

a splinter

smiles and makes a spark

the second night she arrives

sweet essence with no name

and a neighbor

just across the way

kindles his own flame

on the third night mist appears

with prickles and with bites

still two neighbors flicker without fear

and look

one more ignites

on and on throughout the week

and one night more for cheer

like strands of fireflies in the night

each shining bright and clear

one smile invites another

one hug and soon we’ve 8

expanding circles round the world

as they outward radiate

May we make this season sacred

as our hearts we dedicate

to peace


acts of Love

and with latkis celebrate

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