On One Foot: December 2021

On One Foot

…brief tidbits about me and those I love

light the lights

and sing with cheer

warm away the cold and drear

raise a glass and huddle near

Holiday greetings Darling Friends!

Winter may be trying to wrap the world in darkness and cold, but if you are like me, you find simple ways to hold on until Spring.

And hopefully the holidays help.

*For J and me, Thanks giving is all about family, food and fun. and we’re also about making the best of things no matter what. Last year that meant meeting our kids in the rain and exchanging food and distant smiles, then Zooming together for dinner. This year was much sweeter. Not only was the day sunny and moderately mild (about 55 degrees) but we were all vaccinated…so lots of hugs all around! We still gathered and dined outside, but we were inside a large tent around a fabulous propane heater. I have never known such true warmth, such simple joy of family.

*Hanukkah, too, is a commitment to Light despite darkness. We light candles for 8 nights and marvel at the expanding glow the season brings to our homes, our hearts. We kindle flames, but mostly we strive to kindle the Light within ourselves…to better warm one another and all we encounter.

*Christmas is another opportunity to share the Light of Love during the darkest time of the year. As I exchange greetings and gifts with friends and strangers alike, I can’t help basking in the glow of human contact, and the warmth of Love Divine.

Wishing you Love and Light Galore today and always, Dear Readers!

11 thoughts on “On One Foot: December 2021

  1. What a lovely surprise for me on what has otherwise been a bit of a dreary day.
    Things didn’t go to plan for me and so this is a most welcome treat.
    I’m pleased to announce I’ve taken the liberty to copy this beautiful piece and will with your permission share into my Writer’s Grapevine Holiday Extravaganza Magazine.
    Heartwarming and well-done.

    1. Share away, my Darling Patty!
      With you in Love and Light…no matter the weather
      *here we have a blustery and dark rainy day. Quite seasonal for Oregon in December*
      **smiling heart**

      1. Hi, our weather is quite seasonal as well, I just didn’t pay attention ahead of time so it caught me a bit off guard.

        Luckily Blue and I keep lots of different coats and things hanging near the door so not too much trouble was had changing over from sunny and 60’s to rain and 40’s and 50’s.


  2. Thank you, dearest friend for this shower of light and beautiful petals of love – from your heart to mine – halfway across the world, and yet together in One beautiful Divine embrace *twinkling stars and candlelights* *dazzling lamps* *footprints in white snow* *hearts dancing together in love*

    1. Always
      together in Embrace
      before the One
      no matter the distance or darkness
      your flame and mine intertwine in Love Divine, beloved friend
      *children playing**twinkling lights**snow petals**cooing doves*

  3. So Happy that all of you are doing well and Healthy. And had a Happy time all of you together in the family. Wishing All the Very Best and sending Love Light and Healing Energies Your way ❤ ❤ ❤

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