If God Is A Rock

*I’m delighted to share the following poem from my most recent collection, One Goes To The Sea, copyright 2021*

If God is a Rock

maybe God is a rock in my garden

but not one of the glittering stones I arrange

according to the tides of my whimsy

God is the rock I can’t help finding

as I hurry into the yard at midnight

because the dog won’t come when I call

the rock I curse as I veer and stumble

headlong into the daffodils

where the dog is waiting for me

2 thoughts on “If God Is A Rock

    1. yes yes Love and Sweetness abound even in the darkest midnight among the stones we find our Beloved–hiding in the daffodils smiling in the raindrops embracing us in the wind and sunshine
      much Love darling Krishnapria
      wishing you a Blessed and Happy 2022
      *willows in mist**hummingbirds**cooing coves*

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