`Wednesday Special: Pathway to Freedom

Pathway to Freedom

Broken and Healed

Book One

How a Seeing Eye Dog Retrieved My Life

Second Edition

By Patty Fletcher

Copyright 2020

I dove into the first part of Ms. Fletcher’s memoir expecting to read one more blind person’s account of escaping limitations. And please don’t get me wrong, such accounts are very valuable in expanding the awareness of anyone unfamiliar with the world of disabled individuals and the particular challenges of living without sight in a sighted world. I know these challenges personally, having lost my vision at the age of twelve.

What I found in her writing, however, is a rare and rivotting telling of human interaction. Not always kind. Not always honest. Ms. Fletcher paints all the hues of human interaction even as she draws the outlines of her own life experience.

From the book’s opening chapters, readers are instantly drawn into Ms. Fletcher’s heart. We accompany her to The Seeing Eye in pursuit of a guide dog. We join her in moments of self-doubt and triumph. We feel the bitter anguish as she deals with her abusively hot and cold Donny back home in Tennessee.

And all the while, Ms. Fletcher speaks openly, candidly, hopefully.

Powerfully raw at times, the author’s words never shrinks from expressing what needs to be told. By way of her own story, Ms. Fletcher urges readers to pay attention to their own hearts, to protect their own spirits, and to blaze their own trails.

6 thoughts on “`Wednesday Special: Pathway to Freedom

  1. Sitting down at my desk on this pre-spring rainy morning, filled with birdsong and the soft edge of spring, I never expected to find such a lovely surprise.
    Thank you dear friend Joan, for this lovely review of my book.

    1. You are welcome.
      Thank you for living and speaking your heart!
      May your readers find the strength to do likewise!

      1. Hi, Joan, I have learned that everyone has differing strength but I’ve also learned that old adage of to thine own self be true is something we all must live with.

        I’m working on the second book in this trilogy and yesterday, I came upon some materials I thought I’d lost so the process is going to be a bit easier than I first thought.

        Being the type of writer I am requires me to keep up with what’s going on in my life so I journal a lot. I thought I’d lost some of the writings from the time period I’ll be writing of in the second book but now I’ve found them and it’s going to move along fine.

        Thanks again and have a super day!

    1. I’m so glad to hear the next part is in the works and coming along…I’ll be sure to read it as well.
      There’s nothing like a good read. One that carries you along emotionally, and makes you feel you’ve spent the time well, even learned a thing or two by reading. Your book is just that!

      1. Thanks so much. I’m actually hoping to get a really big chunk of writing done the first week after my surgery.

        Both boys will be in boarding, (almost wrote camp) LOL. But anyhow, I won’t have anything to do but lay around so me and the laptop can spend lots of time together.

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