April Snow

*Snow flurries in the Willamette Valley for the second day…oh my*

Remind me how the seasons go

From summer’s heat

To autumn’s glow

From chilly days and nights that flow

Into the frosty winter blow

Remind me how the cycle brings

Us back to green and blooming things

Sweet fragrant breezes

birdie wings

–so why in April is there snow

6 thoughts on “April Snow

    1. Glad you like my poem.
      Today I am happy to report that we are back to more seasonable weather, clouds and promises of rain.
      Love and Light to you, dear Patty!

      1. LOL. Gotta love the weather. Today, it is bright and sunny here and I’ve already got the inside door open with the screen locked but letting in all the fresh air Etc.

        Have a superb day!

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