Seeing the World with Wonder #FridayFunReads #Poetry #Inspiration

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Today, I’m offering a two-for-one special on book reviews. These two poetry collections have three things in common. First of all, the authors’ first names start with the same letter. Second, their poetry helps us look at nature and other topics with a sense of wonder. Last but not least, I met both authors through Behind Our Eyes, a writers’ organization to which I belong, and I have enjoyed reading their work over the years.

One Goes to the Sea

by Joan Myles

Copyright 2021

What Smashwords Says

What is it about poetry that so readily connects readers with their Spiritual selves? And is it possible to focus these expanded faculties of perception beyond the page–intentionally, inward?

One Goes to the Sea is a collection of the poet’s waking and sleeping flights of fancy, her dream journal sketched poetically and visually illustrated by her daughter.

Buy from Smashwords.

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9 thoughts on “Seeing the World with Wonder #FridayFunReads #Poetry #Inspiration

  1. Congratulations, Joan! I’m looking forward to reading your book as soon as I can get out ahead of this Covid beast. Right now I have far more good intentions than I do energy, but it will come.

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