DogDaze: Counting Down

Here I am. Finally.

And while the road to this point has been difficult and long, the path ahead won’t be easy either.

You see, on Wednesday the call came.

“Are you willing to come June 20 to the Seeing Eye for training?”

“Yes!” my breath escaping.

“And are you willing to be paired with a female Golden?”

“Oh yes!!” my heart pounding.

And here we are. Getting ready.

I have told just about every person on earth that matters to me.

And I still must proclaim it to the heavens.

Gratitude and excitement and relief that I will soon have another teammate.

An incredible, canine teammate.

A sweet little girl dog to walk with.

To travel through the neighborhood.

To travel into and around the synagogue.

So very, very grateful.

So in love with Love.

9 thoughts on “DogDaze: Counting Down

  1. Oh! We are each flying in different directions on the same day to be matched with a new partner. My school won’t tell me anything until after I have arrived. I know they customarially try to have two potential matches in a class. They make the finhal decisions in an all trainer meeting the day after I arrive after my instructor has done a final evaluation testing me for walking speed strength and what my expectations and needs are. Therefore, my poem is slightly different from yours. I wish for you a perfect match that will walk at your side for many years. Here is my anticipation poem:

    A Lady In Waiting

    By DeAnna Quietwater Noriega

    What to pack?

    Sturdy walking shoes,

    My favorite dress for pictures.

    Raincoat just in case,

    An open-heart.

    What to leave?

    Regrets for what was,

    Sorrow for what has ended.

    Longing for the past,

    Second thoughts.

    Who awaits?

    Who will fill the void?

    I’m like a mail order bride,

    I’m full of questions,

    No answers.

    Hope-filled heart,


    My heart struggles to open,

    To begin again,

    To welcome.

    To receive

    A true gift of love.

    No wonder I can’t decide,

    What I’ll need to have–

    Except a new guide dog.

    1. Oh! A beautiful expression of all that I am feeling. DeAnna, I wish you the very best on your journey! Which school? and I hope you will let me know all the details about your new teammate!
      Wishing you Love and Sweetness moving forward!

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