Independence Day

July 4

With only 10 days to go before returning home to Oregon, the idea of independence looms large for me. I came to The Seeing Eye with the aim of creating a new team for walking to and from the synagogue, around my neighborhood etc. Already I feel the bond of love and trust between my new canine partner and me. Already I feel the possibilities for continued progress in all things.

My new guide is a 2 year old golden retriever named Aries. She is playful and lively, yet patient and sweet. We have worked our way around cafe tables and sidewalk planters, across lighted and unlighted intersections, through the park and all about the building. We have practiced new modes of learning to find elevators, discovered the importance of daily behavior drills and had a lot of fun bouncing and retrieving her oddly shaped ball and tugging on her bone. Mostly we have begun to listen and respond to one another’s needs.

Independence is an amazing concept. And while it definitely assures the right to express one’s true self, it most certainly requires the responsible response to the needs of others. Real independence then is all about relationship. Maybe the word of the day is actually interdependence.

Wishing you Love and Sweetness

5 thoughts on “Independence Day

  1. Amen to this! If only I, we, and all of us could realize this profound truth. We would not be divided along our own selfishness, but reach across the divide to lend a hand, receive a hand.


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