Home At Last

Home at last. And all that Aries and I have learned separately and together is now in our hands/paws to put into action.

Just as at The Seeing Eye, everything we do is a lesson. At least for a while. Meals and grooming and daily walks and interactions with new people and animals, playing and resting–everything. There are new ways of thinking: we are three now, not just Jeff and me, and not just Aries and me. There are new schedules and the need to somehow accommodate favorite activities. Scrabble and tug and homemade pizza and bone chewing and taking care of everyone’s needs and emotions. Because we are three now. Two very special partnerships overlapping and intermixing, with specific roles and responsibilities and commitments.

Yes, Aries and I are home at last. And loving every challenging moment!

9 thoughts on “Home At Last

  1. Dear Joan and Aires, I have been following your saga with delight and joy as you all begin your new life together, you and Jeff and Aires. It must be wonderful to be home and learning even more together. Mazal tov. Shelley

  2. Dear Joan and Aries, My heart is smiling for you both–Jeff also! What a time of joy and wonder! Enjoy all the stretches of independence and all the golden moments of growing to love your Golden Retriever! How wonderful to hear such happiness in your voice!Best wishes and happy trails–Alice and Leader Dog Willow

  3. Yes we are learning about what it takes to become a new team; everything is a lesson for the dog, but they must always enjoy the lessons and of course it is a new home for the dog to get used to.

    1. It’s a terribly fun moment all at once.

      Nothing like it. It’s the same type of joy one feels when bringing home a child.

      Enjoy and embrace every, single, solitary moment.

      Love and light and harmony to all.

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