Aries And I: July 21

Since returning home last Thursday, Aries and I have been getting to know the neighborhood a little better each day. Walking sighted guide, she has followed my command to sit at curb-cuts while I heaped on the praise. We traced the route a few times heading left out the driveway, then a few more heading right.

Well yesterday, we advanced to the second stage, coaching. With Aries in harness, we walked the route together, a human coach behind my right shoulder so as not to distract my working dog. His job was merely to point out our errors, like an overstepped curb-cut or the reason for unauthorized sniffing.

Aries was a masterful guide!

She missed a couple of curb-cuts, but once we reworked these she sailed on like a pro.

And oh the feeling of freedom!

When we reached our front door at last, you can believe there was a whole lot of whooping and wagging!

We’ve only been home a week, and I can’t imagine walking anywhere without her.

*4 doggy pawprints beside 2 human footprints*

9 thoughts on “Aries And I: July 21

    1. Thank you! And I’m delighted to share your company, you and Calvin are a sweet surprise this morning!
      Wishing you sweetness and wags galore!

  1. So happy to hear this, my beautiful friend. Woof! Woof! Jump! Jump! two more human footprints on the side – from the other side of the world, but right there in your heart.

    1. Oh such a sweet, sweet surprise to find you here today, my darling friend! Yes, we walk together still, and now with Aries, ever in the Heart of the One! *bowing willows**dancing children**cooing doves*

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