Aries and I: July 24

Just in case you are wondering, Aries and I took Saturday off as well as Thursday which was the first trashday since coming home. It just seemed like too much of a challenge to deal with all those obstacles right away. But Friday when we went out, some thoughtful neighbor had left his trash can out as a bit of a test for us, and Aries did a great job. She stopped, let me check the reason, then masterfully took me around the barrier.

Today was the first Coaching trip without the gentle leader. My golden gal started out rather wildly, but toned it down to a bounce when told to steady. She did walk past a curb, and led me to a driveway once when crossing. These mistakes were reworked and the outcome was good.

And oh what a love-fest we had upon our return home!

As I write this update, Aries is now having a wonderful chew on the mighty bone.

Each day is certainly a sweet surprise with this lively canine partner of mine.

6 thoughts on “Aries and I: July 24

  1. HiJoan and Aries.
    You’re doing great.
    Sorry we didn’t answer your call yesterday. Blue doesn’t know how to answer the telebone and I was not up to speaking out loud.
    Keep up the great work.

      1. Hi Miss Joan, it’s Chief Seeing Eye Dog Blue here.

        Momma should be resting but she’s still on this puter. I’m taking it away from her and gonna make her get into the bed and rub my belly.

        You and Aries keep having fun. One day Momma says we’re gonna come and meet you guys. I hope so.

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