Aries and I: August 8

Aries and I have been home for over three weeks now, and we continue to learn something new every day.

I admit to being a bit apprehensive as the date for our family barbecue approached. Aries did not seem as connected to me as I thought she should be, not as responsive to my commands at home. How could I expect better behavior somewhere unfamiliar?

In fact, I had been feeling quite discouraged at the beginning of the week. Aries was obviously infatuated with my husband. What I mean is, she thought it was a party, a time of great joy and celebration whenever he came near. After all, he was always doing something interesting–watering plants, going in and out the door to deal with sprinklers or hummingbirds,and especially the car. And speaking of the car, he was the one who made it go , transporting Aries and me to places of wonder and adventure, places like the pet store where all those amazing sights and smells abide!

For his part, J was trying very hard not to be so interesting. He kept eye contact to a minimum, and limited signs of affection. But he was with us on our walks, and everywhere else we went together.

At last, I made a plan. I shifted the orientation and mobility work to my former instructor, and asked my friend to assist with acquainting Aries with the synagogue building. Then I phoned The Seeing Eye for their wisdom.

“Trust your gut,” I was told. New guides often become overly attached to spouses who drive. Extra time and the changes I had initiated would probably improve the situation.

So with my newfound confidence in hand, we arrived at the barbecue. Family members had been notified not to interact with Aries unless I said it was okay. They did a great job of keeping their distance, and limiting eye contact. Even my six-year-old grandson controlled his urge to pet Aries.

We had a wonderful time chatting and enjoying a pleasant, sunny afternoon. Aries barked a couple of times at my son’s cat as she stalked a nearby butterfly, but otherwise remained very well-mannered and calm. When things were just about to wind up, I informed the gang they could interact with my girl.

One by one they came forward. As long as she lay quietly at my feet she was permitted to meet them, to receive their pets and sweet words. And when we got home, she was permitted to receive my husband’s affection as well.

My confidence in our team is much sturdier as this week begins. Aries is finding her place…as we all are.

Wishing you sweetness always!

11 thoughts on “Aries and I: August 8

  1. Hi Joan and Aries. You guys rock. You’re gonna do great.
    “Sneeze, Stomp, Shake. Comen through. Chief Seeing Eye Dog Blue here. Hello?”
    “Blue, am I to assume since you’re shoving me out of the chair so you can be on the computer that you’ve something to say?”
    “Gees, what a smart human.
    Hi Aries. My name is Chief Seeing Eye Dog Blue. Blue to my furiends.
    I just gotta say, you and your momma are gonna do great and I totally get you on the cats and butterflies. Why, just this morning my momma and I were walking round the neighborhood where we live and I gotta say, there are lots and lots of birds here. Now, I love birds. I love to watch them, I dream of chasing them and I would so very much love to fly up into the sky where they go.
    So, who could possibly blame me for bouncing up onto my toes and trying to reach a particularly big bird who was fluttering and flapping just above me?
    Oh momma used that dreaded PFUI word and told me to move it along.
    Well, I never stopped moving but I reckon I wasn’t going the way she wanted. So be patient with your human. Sometimes they just don’t get it.”
    “Alright Blue. That’s enough.”
    Hang in there Joan. And excuse my wayward dog.

    1. Hearing about your advaneture, Patty and Blue, is a big help and an ongoing inspiration for us, love you both!

      1. Hi Joan, the Chief is asleep, so thankfully I can write to you in peace.

        Tired dogs are good dogs and I walked the paws off mine earlier today. LOL.

        Seriously though, you are honestly right on schedule and all is going to go so awesome.

        You have so many adventures to enjoy it’s going to be amazing for you.

        I want to know how you got so brave as to go into a pet store. I have only taken Blue into a Pet’s Mart one time and it nearly turned into a complete disaster.

        We were going along fine until suddenly I picked up a toy to look at to see if Blue might have it and right there, right there in the middle of the store, right there with him in his harness, he stood up on his hind feet to take the toy away.

        So, you are doing awesome if you, Aries and J successfully went through a pet store.

        That is a big deal.

        I am so proud of you.

        I’ve not been back to any pet stores. Totally lost my nerve on that one.

  2. Hello, Joan–What a descriptive appraisal of your recent travels and happenings with your Aries! I am delighted to hear that you are feeling more confident with recent decisions and plans. You and Aries are on a magnificent path which will hold so many treasured moments for both of you. Willow and I are sending you are very best wishes every day. Happy trails! Best always–Alice and Willow

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words and en ouragement! You and Willow are a great inspiration to Aries and me. Love to you both!

    2. Hello, Joan, Aries, Alice, Willow and All.

      I agree with what Alice says here. This was so well written I felt as though I were right there with you all.

      I remember being terrified that Blue would go wonky around my daughter’s big crew. Then, I remember being so over the moon with pride when it went well.

      There’s nothing like a confidence building experience when you mostly feel as though you’ve been dropped onto the moon.

      You’re doing an awesome job.

      1. Thanks Patty!!
        There’s nothing like having supportive friends and family members when a new team is getting started.
        I’m so very grateful to have all that, and a beautiful, spirited golden gal to boot!

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