Aries Goes to Shul

Today Aries attended her first Morning Minyan at the synagogue. We hitched a ride with S as usual, walked up the long wheelchair ram which Aries targeted spot on, and entered the building without any problems. Aries led the way to the sanctuary, and then to my seat–expertly following each command.

How sweet to be back inside the sanctuary, to hush myself when readying for prayer, to feel the rhythm of Hebrew syllables washing me clean through.

And Aries behaved perfectly. She settled down at my feet, and rested quietly the entire time. Even as I stood and bowed and sat again, my feet not quite comfortably positioned around her, Aries kept still.

After the service, we chatted for a few moments with friends, then off we went. Out the sanctuary door, out the entrance, down the ramp–Aries did it all!

What a thrill to be walking beside this beautiful, spirited gal!

4 thoughts on “Aries Goes to Shul

  1. Congratulations to both of you! Your goal perfectly achieved! So much you’ve accomplished in such a short time! Happy & proud of you!

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