*No thunder today. Just a lovely wash of rain and wind and Spirit. Wishing you sweetness*


*from One Goes to the Sea by Joan Myles, copyright 2021*

do you hear in the distance–

like the drum of a chief

or an elephant’s footfall

Or the heartbeat of a thief–

past the splattering rain

and the call of a crow

that faint rumble from childhood few northwesterners know

from the depth of my being I am urged to attend

so I rush to the window as if meeting a friend

push the curtains aside

open wide to the breeze

feel the rush of my spirit with the swaying of trees

feel Creation as One

as I fall to my knees

5 thoughts on “Thunder

  1. Hi Joan,

    So very true. The thunder is always welcome here in the NW. Can’t quite say why, but it is. Perhaps it is just its rarity, perhaps it is just the deep resonance with something within.

    Not that I’m complaining that we’re having rain today, our first real rain of the season.

    Thanks for sharing,


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