The Dream

The Dream

*from One Goes to the Sea, copyright 2021 by Joan Myles

sleeping eyes conjure

even before thought bubblesvJdW0tlwFmjiJdgssHg4qcgp1BRgDTl2rrdnrFveooZcKriXYiPdA46P57vvhaU65frusZuN5Z3C1m0jBuUAfKFe50qFd9yBAN3jHvy6EWMB_Nr2ZGTys_Xo7HKznbS5T-n8YHclw0iJXwvAuCe15wDfOlxW6SdJB_s1ztbtJoQcrwG65tNP5gyW_cyqHl4xDv7G

meaning into words

circles intersect

like fingers interweaving

such are these moments

words tumble and fade

quiver in our ears and throats

float beyond grasping

and we touch again

feel warmth of breath and body

passing between us

and wake to perceive

uncrossable distances

untouchable hands

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