Dreidel song

Dreidel Songby Joan Myles

*With Hanukkah beginning Sunday evening, you are probably busy chopping onions and potatoes for your famous latka recipe, and making sure you have enough candles for all 8 nights. Well, here’s a little song as you dole out gelt for a game or two or three of dreidel. Wishing you Sweetness and Light!**

Spin the dreidel gramma spin

Hebrew letters let us in

Nun and gimel

Hey and shin

Spin the dreidel round

Spin the dreidel mama please

Recollect the centuries

Pain or prayer

We bend our knees

And spin the dreidel round

Watch me spin the dreidel spin

each day of wonder to begin

With hope and blessing now as then

So spin the dreidel round

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