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Sweet Troubador

A cricket to my window came

Sweet troubador

Without a name

And sang upon that dismal night

Beneath the moon’s full, golden light

His cheery tune

For all to hear

Who could resist?

So I drew near

And as his melody arose

Like angels up a ladder climb

I felt my worries and my woes

Dissolve and fade

In record time

And every night

That’s happened since

I yet await my singing prince

The moon may wane

Withhold its light

But he renews his song each night

Fulfills the dream I long to claim

Sweet troubador

without a name

Not Just Knitting My Brow

That’s right. The news may often leave me shaking my head in dismal wonder, or even make me cry at times, but I am finally taking some kind of action for the sake of society.I’m knitting again.

Those of you who have endured my previous attempts at this homey task–who have worn my well-ventilated caps, or even beheld the “bird cage cover” I crafted during a brief period of over confidence– may be cringing now, wondering why these miscreants of knotted yarn should be thrust upon an already ailing society. Well, you can calm yourselves, unclench your nerves and breathe with relief. This time I am not knitting alone. I’m even supervised by an expert.

You see, Shelley, a very kind lady at Temple Beth Sholom, has expanded her volunteer work here in Salem by founding “Hats for the Homeless”, And just like its name suggest, our mission is to deliver homemade knitted caps to folks who really need them.

So yesterday I trekked over to the local craft store, bought a fresh pair of bamboo knitting needles, a skein of what is termed “chunky” grey yarn, and a few thimbles. Why the thimbles? Because I have learned over the years that if I don’t use one on my right forefinger, knitting keeps me from reading. It’s the calluses, you know, the calluses that form on my Braille reading finger. Luckily, thimbles protect my ability to read.

At our first meeting this morning, I showed Shelley my current project. I’m not even up to my previous knitting level, but she assured me that I’m on the right track.

“It’s not perfect,” she said, “but it will certainly keep someone warm.”

So please, dear Readers, keep your fingers crossed for me that I absorb some of Shelley’s expertise as we go along. I’ll be busy knitting.


At the end of the day

Maybe fatigue will save us.

Maybe we’ll roll over in the blackest ink-spot of some night,

Our hands will touch, or at last

We will feel the faintest breath of life

Passing between us,

And the rooster will crow. Faintly.

Far off in the distance,

From the horizon’s hidden passage.

And we’ll hear it

And one of us will move,

Finally recognizing the pain

Of remaining still forever,

Of keeping silent amid fear and turmoil.

We will all need to move then,

Like dominos falling

One by one.

Like a snowy hillside when gravity calls.

Like the human heart when it opens

And daylight reveals us, face to face.

An Affirmation For One & All!

Savvy Raj

I come from light
Born with the infinite in me
Learning through it all
To move from deepest insecurities to dare
To rise like a phoenix beyond fear.

To see the world in a heartbeat
To turn the tide of pain to pleasure
To awaken the dormant awareness
To hope beyond despair
To give hope to the hopeless.

And when the mood strikes
To take flights of fancy in the light of imagination
Into the world of creativity and dream on
In surrealistic idealism.

To revel, celebrate and enthuse
In the creativity of thoughts words & deeds
To be conscious of my glorious truths
To feel free and yet deeply interwoven

To the fabric of conscious intentions
To denote the goodwill in the endowment
To mark the fleeting time with grace.

To leave footprints in benevolence.
In joyous acceptance of the potential within
Of endless beginning in possibilities
Of Infinity…

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But, hey….!

There is nothing like spending time with grandchildren…especially our two grandsons, Thad and Mat. And this summer, J and I have been grabbing the opportunity whenever possible. We all play together, and we take turns interacting with each, a delightful twist since Mat is not yet 4 and Thad is now eleven.

I think yesterday was the most fun I’ve had in weeks. You see, Thad and I have always enjoyed playing word games . And he’s finallyold enough to be a masterful Scrabble opponent, and the words he hides for Hangman have become incredibly difficult to predict. Best of all, are the stories we create together–you know, one person starts, then the other builds upon it, and so forth.And yesterday’s creations had us laughing together so hard that Thad got the hiccups, which made us laugh all the more.

This tale is not only about the grandkids, though. It’s about two dear old friends, J and me.

We had a plan for after our playtime with the youngsters. It involved a homemade pizza and a bottle of wine. But it was after 5:00 when we left for home, and the traffic was all backed up with rush-hour antics, and it was the heat of an extra warm day for Salem, and you know how all that can jangle the nerves of even the nicest people Well, we got a little jangled ourselves, so we settled for chees sandwiches for dinner. Between bites, however, a lightbulb went off for me.

“Hey,” I exclaimed, “we’re grown-ups, you know. So we can do what we like, right?”

“Okay,” J replied dubiously, “which means…?”

“Which means,” I turned to face him directly with my revelation, “we can eat pizza for breakfast if we want to!”

“OOOOH! We crooned.

And so It was that we kicked off our 40th wedding anniversary weekend with homemade pizza for breakfast. A great solution in my book, too, because the ice cream cone I wanted for breakfast for Saturday proved impossible. Who ever heard of such a thing…Baskin Robbins not opening until noon!

**For anyone wondering, the bottle of wine was not part of breakfast, but accompanied our cheese sandwiches**

The Faithful One


Light approaches


Elusive plays


Silent coaxes


Claim your place


The daisies whisper

Iris glistens

Lilies dream

EasilY erect

She listens

Intently follows every beam





As nimbus gathers

Veils the sun

I withdraw

My spirit lingering

Ever near the Faithful One


Sirens always give me shivers

Screaming out their warning

Fellow travellers beware

I always freeze

Right where I am

And shuddering I pray

Because it doesn’t matter

Who is hurt or ailing

Who has broken the law

And who has come to the rescue

Sirens scream for all of us

Calling each to attention

Right where we are

Like a Potted Plant

Dear Darling Readers,

It has been some time since I have posted regularly to this little blog, I know, and I want to let you know how much I appreciate you all hanging in there with me. My dear mother’s sudden death in April was quite a jolt to my spirit. And since then, I have had issues with technology and blogging itself. For some reason the comments I try to post–whether on my own or other blogs– are not working out right, and my WP Wizard, Colleen, will not be back from California for another few weeks.

So, please know that I treasure every one of you, and that your comments always brighten my day. Also, I love reading your insightful and uplifting posts–even if I must remain silent at this time. Alas, I feel as if a pane of glass separates me from you all, which is why I am enclosing the following poem.

Blessings and love to each and all of you…and please stand by!

Potted Flower

By Hayim Nachman Biyalik

From the window

A potted flower

Every hour

Toward the garden peeps

All of his friends

In the garden there

And he lonely keeps

Standing here

**Translated from Hebrew by Joan Myles

The Audacity of Love

The audacity of love

Pushing its childlike shape

Upon the heart

Upon the mind

Twisting sensibility into silliness

Silliness into sensibility

Tripping and skipping alongside dastardly headlines

Trying to grasp

My attention

My hand

To climb into my pocket

To be carried home

Where she will grow up among my children

and sleep under my pillow

Working her magic in every room of my life