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My Oral Hull Experience

The first week of August, , I had an unexpected opportunity– to spend a few days and nights at Oral Hull Park here in Sandy, Oregon. A unique setting for blind campers to explore the natural world as we tested and exceeded our own personal sense of limitations, OH provides the friendly encouragement and unwavering support that makes the impossible definitely possible.

Blind archers? You bet! Along with the well-loved USABA (United States Association of Blind Atheletes) sponsored tandom biking and Beeper Ball, I finally got the chance to draw back and letfly a dozen arrows…one actually just missing the bull’s eye! Of course, a couple missed the target altogether, and the rest…you can imagine.

But the thrill and pride expressed by those around me who braved the climbing wall…and were heading off for white water rafting…left me speechless.

Yes, these totally blind and partially sighted adults came from across the country not just to drink in the sweet freshness of life at the foot of Mt. Hood; they came to stretch their abilities, to challenge their own and society’s ideas about physical limitation, to bust through actual and contrived barriers!

And all I can say is…

Take notice world!

In The Wilderness

Even in the wilderness–

Amid list-making and budgeting,

Despite overstuffed closets and the sorting of socks,

Even in the midst of our cluttered thoughts– there is holiness.

The sacredness of relationship,

The holy work of healing,

The divine text each human being brings into the world.

Holiness draws us wordlessly,

Nearer to her, to one another.

So that we become the trees of an orchard, swaying to her rhythms.

We nurture and comfort, gather and build,

Your fruit, my hunger;

my leaves, your shade

So that sleeping and waking and growing

Together, We become one.

So that breath becomes song,

And song tfilah

So that little by little

Particles and waves radiate sanctity.

Then will our briefcases and calendars release us.

Knowing that practicality sustains our existence

That holiness ensures our life.