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Writers Grapevine

*I am delighted to be a regular contributor to the Writer’s Grapevine.The May issue features “One Day” from my book One With Willows, as well as two book reviews–thank you, Patty! I hope you darling readers will take this opportunity to enjoy the varied styles of poetry and prose it offers. Please let me know your thoughts. Wishing you Love and Light always*

Campbells World

via Writers GrapevineGood morning campbellsworld visitors.

I’d like to invite you to click over and visit this new page here on campbellsworld.

If you do, you’ll find links to The Writer’s Grapevine Literary Magazine.

There are links to both Word Doc and PDF versions here.

I’d also like to announce that we’re now looking for a new monthly contributor for our Health World column.

If anyone is interested in taking this column over, please email me at the address found in the magazine.

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The Ash Grove #Music #Mp3

**Simply sweet, what more can one ask? Wishing you Love and Light**

Mystical Strings

Also Known as “Let All Things Now Living”

Download The Ash Grove/Let All Things Now Living Mp3

Before the hymn, “Let All Things Now Living,” this traditional Welsh tune was already well-known as “The Ash Grove.” One
points out that many people recognize the hymn because of the familiar melody. I agree – I was one of these people! I played the melody on pennywhistle and recorder long before I knew it was a hymn. This just shows the timeless and versatile nature of music!

My arrangement is played on lyre. I hope you enjoy it!

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Aspects of Starlight

*Here’s a slightly modified poem from long ago. If I posted it before, I hope you won’t mind reading it again. Blessings to you!*

Aspects of Starlight

There once were stars, held high within that black

Expansive tapestry of nightly shade.

They guided my despairing soul through bleak

Uncertainty, and fearfulness allayed.

I found in them the ancient heroes viewed

Adventuring, great beasts and men adorned

Resplendently–their noble traits imbued

My thoughts, and gave me strength while I still mourned.

Eclipsed in adolescence, I had seen

The starlight shimmering above, spun lace

Of spider’s thread, and trying to stay sane

Reclaimed those aspects blindness can’t efface.

Illumined is my memory. There once

Were stars, and for me there is recompense.


Do you hear in the distance–

Like the drum of a chief,

Or an elephant’s footfall,

The heartbeat of a thief–

Past the splattering rain and the call of a crow,

That faint rumble from childhood few Salem folks know?

From the depth of my being I am urged to attend.

So I run to the window,

As if meeting a friend.

Push the curtains aside,

Open wide to the breeze,

Feel the rush of my spirit

With the swaying of trees–

Feel Creation as One

As I fall to my knees.

Mother’s Day Skyping

*Living with social distancing does not come easy to me. As a blind person, I need tactile input for so many things. And as a Mom, well, I’m a hugger from way back. So you do what you can to stay connected, right? Wishing you sweetness as we continue to navigate these tricky times, sweetness and a sense of Love ever with you!*

Mother’s Day skyping

Is the best for us all–

“Our connection is poor”,

So we move down the hall.

“It’s so good to be with you!”

“Where’s your face? I can’t see.”

“What’s that?

Dog is barking”

“Are you talking to me?”

“Shift the camera–that’s better.”

“Are you out in the yard?”

“Getting late, do your homework.”

“He’s not here.”

“This is hard.”

‘I’m so proud you’re my children.”

‘You’re the best.”

“Love you,too.”

“Can we do this again?”


“Count me in.”

“And me too.”

So despite the not hugging

And the too-tekky start,

Mother’s Day was the sweetest–

Voice to voice

Heart to heart.