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when the time comes

that time dissolves

the lion and the lamb

the fox and the chicken

will take down their flags

and roll up their scrolls

they will dust off their flutes

their tambourines and dancing shoes

they will gather their children

the orphans and forgotten ones

and they will all breathe at last

together in song and harmony

because the loops of thread

holding all things together



White on Black

*My heart is breaking…tragically America remains mired in hatred, seemingly unable to escape the bleakest chapters of our historic saga May we never forget, and may we forever aspire to do better!*

White on Black

black jay walkin

cop car stalkin

loud accusal

tense refusal

scuffle and roll

out of control

two against one

reach for the gun

justice undone

justice undone

justice undone

Trimming Trees #givingthanks

*A beautiful and poignant reminder of the Oneness of Life and Love…may it bless you as it did me*

The Light Behind the Story

Image by congerdesign from Pixabay

It’s that time of year, again. At the end of the driveway, the machine is parked. The man who drives it has had to move it twice. First for my daughter on her way to class, then for my husband on his way to work. Each time the bucket descends and the engine roars back to life. It’s now blocking the entrance and exit, again. Parked at the end of the driveway it has better access to the maple whose branches are threading the electric wires.

Who was there first? It doesn’t matter. We humans have taken over time and place to claim them both as our own. I have been reading a lot of nonfiction these days. Books about the land and our relationship to it. Gathering Moss by Robin Wall Kimmerer took much longer than its short length would insinuate. It was not…

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*JDAIM again. And while attending in-person events at my shul is not currently possible, I can’t help marvelling at the many ways my community members have enabled me to participate so fully in Jewish life! And this evening, I will be sharing those experiences with members of a synagogue in New Hampshire, thanks to my dear friend Rabbi Dan. Stay cozy, my Darlings, and hold on to the sweetness and Light of each moment. May you and your loved ones find Shalom beneath Shabbot’s canopy of Love!*

Jewniquely Myself

February is Jewish Disability Awareness and inclusion Month—formerly Jewish Disability Awareness Month.

Which means that every time this month that I pop into FaceBook, Twitter, or other social gathering places—not to mention the many times I connect with friends at shul and elsewhere—I am incredibly conscious of my role as educator on behalf of the disability cause.

But, really, isn’t that my role as Yismehu Director? And as blogger, Hebrew teacher, and temple member?

In fact, you might say that any time I have an alliyah, chant Torah, read announcements on Friday evening, attend a committee or membership meeting, participate in Torah study, teach anything to anybody anywhere, step inside Target, , or simply drop by a friend’s home for coffee I am a walking-talking lesson on disability and inclusion.

The reasons are pretty obvious:

** I am blind. So I cannot appreciate facial expressions and your lovely smile. In…

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Book Review: Ladies of Liberty

**Yes, it’s President’s Day once more here in the USA. May we all reflect upon the vision and valor of the men and women who came before us, and upon what they have bestowed upon each and every one of us–liberty and responsibility–a republic…if we can keep it**

Jewniquely Myself

Ladies of Liberty

Women Who Shaped Our Nation

By: Cokie Roberts

Copyright: 2008

BR 17787

5 Volumes

Renowned news reporter Cokie Roberts breathes new life into

Early American history as she relates the lives of dozens of women, both notable and obscure. These are the wives of America’s first Presidents and statesmen, the founders of America’s first social service agencies and religious orders, women actively involved in the lives of their families, polite society, and the workings of government. They accompanied their husbands to Embassy postings in Paris, London, and St. Petersburg. They faced the same dangers imposed by disease and trans-Atlantic travel, and endured additional threats specific to their gender such as intimidation and childbirth. And like women in every age, these women voiced their opinions.

Roberts uses letters and journal entries to detail these vivid examples of intelligence, grace and unspeakable courage. We wait nervously with beautiful, well-educated…

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On One Foot

On One Foot

…brief updates about me and those I love

* Already February, and here in the Willamette Valley rain and sunshine, wind and snow have each taken a turn to dazzle and delight me. And ifthe daffodils don’t proclaim the coming of Spring boldly enough, then the absence of hummingbirds from our feeders clue me in. things are stirring out there. The natural world is waking up, renewing itself renewing us.

* Meanwhile J and I stay close to home like all of you, tending to household tasks and creative efforts.

* And as for our doggy delights–we were treated to a double scoop recently, visiting Little Leo and Bucky (the 90-pound fellow) on the same day. Of course I appreciate the humans we visited as well–our daughter CC and her husband, and the grandsons with their Dad. I am grateful everyone has what they need, and can’t wait until we can all gather under one roof instead of shivering separately at a respectable distance across the driveway.

* For now, my Darlings, I wish you sweetness and Love as your days unfold. May Life’s renewal find you–if not in your physical landscape, then in your spirit–and may you sense the Wonder and Love ever ready to inspire and delight you!



*I’m reaching back into my guitar case for this one, a song I wrote while expecting our first child four decades ago. Not too much song-writing for me during those busy years that eventually filled our home with the antics of four youngsters. Just a whole lot of Life and Love and now memories*

bright as the cheeks of children
on a December day
watching my children play


soft as the glow of morning

warming the earth below

watching my children grow

seasons go turning ‘round

and time goes by

memories linger

as long as I have


crimson and gold as Autumn

pressed and preserved with care

my children are smiling there


by Joan Myles

because I wear a different face

and because I live without a trace

I find Love all over the place

I’ve known angels from my cradle

they walk with me and man the ladle

muse with me at desk and table

and because I wear a different mask

I take up the angel’s task

declaring sweetness to the last


*from One With Willows by Joan Myles copyright 2019*


the world is new

when you come back from the dead

apples are honey on your tongue

and breadcrumbs in your pocket

will suffice

like the air you breathe

the world is holy again


in dawning light

whispering with hummingbirds

only faintly echoing

the shofar’s blast


the world is new

Featured Business of the Week: Two Pentacles Publishing #WordPressWednesday

*Delighted to share this special feature! Colleen is the artist who created my book covers, and Two Pentacles will be helping me with my next collection.*

Pattys World

Featured Business of the Week

First, tell us a little about yourself?

We are Dawn and Colleen, co-owners of Two Pentacles Publishing Services.

Dawn: I coordinate with our writers and edit their work to prepare it for publication.

Colleen: I design covers, create artwork, and facilitate accessible imagery for blind and visually impaired creators and audiences.

What type of Business or Nonprofit do you own or work for?

Dawn: Two Pentacles Publishing Services specializes in adaptive communication, descriptive visual services, and flexible content sharing while providing our writers with professional editing and publishing assistance.

What brought you into this type of work?

Colleen: Honestly, we never thought we would be in the Publishing Service business. We always thought we would be doing the writing and editing, and nothing more.

Dawn: Colleen reached out to me about starting this project with the idea of helping our community of fellow writers. We…

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