On One Foot

On One Foot

…brief updates about me and those I love

*The sun is smiling upon our little garden today, but again we are bracing ourselves for very high temperatures for the rest of the week. At shoulder height, the sunflowers take all this pretty much in stride, requiring minimal care and only occasional watering. The fuchsia and irises, however, with their delicate blooms, plead daily for water. We happily do our part, still praying Mother Nature will be able to do hers.

*Meanwhile, on the topic of Bucky, would you believe he seems to still be growing! He has surpassed his latest harness and collar–but remains the gentle canine giant in my life.

He visited our home a couple of weeks ago, and was a total gentleman. He did not help himself to the sofa, or poke his inquisitive nose onto tables or counters which he could easily have reached. With boundless love and a WHOLE LOT of hard work, C and her husband S have brought this fear-filled fellow from the brink of trauma into a secure place of well-being.

*And as for me, I am readying for the Jewish High Holy Days which begin September 6. Also called “Days of Awe”, this time of year is meant as a period of deep introspection, a pause to examine one’s own behavior , to focus on relationships with other people as well as with God. In addition, it means shining up the versus I have chanted on Yom Kippor every year since 2004…although last year’s attempt on Zoom I accidentally logged off and eventually managed to return to find a dear friend filling in for me.

For now my Darlings, I wish you Love and Shalom as we move through the setrying times. May Kindness find you and Generosity fill your heart. And may the Blessings of Life shower us all with growth and delight.

And let us say, Amen!

Mindful Monday: August 2021

As I write this little update, the sky above our garden is not dazzzling blue as usual, but hazy with no sign of rain. Recent temperatures have reached 10 to 15 degrees higher than usual for this time of year.

And the haze, which is a kind of shade at least, is continued proof of the dangerous path we earthlings are heading down. Fires in California, Southern Oregon, Washington state, and Canada are sending their smoky and ominous warning across the US., and the world. Is it a smoke signal or a prayerful plea which the Earth is sending out…and will we heed it in time?

Each morning I resume my prayers; gratitude for Creation and the sustenance of Life; for healing of loved ones and friends; and weeping daily now, for the Life of our beautiful Earth and all she contains.

A few weeks ago, our outside thermometer reached 119 degrees. Yes, we were comfortably housed in our airconditioning. But the fuchsia on our deck literally fried. And what is worse, the birds were silent. Nowhere to be seen.

My Darlings, I am not a scientist. I am not a politician. I am merely a poetic child whose heart pours out to Heaven with thanksgiving and delight. And today a simple plea:

Look around you.

Observe the changes in your own gardens, your own trees and plants and sky.

Open your hearts to rejoice in cleansing air, uplifting breezes, refreshing rain.

And to the Earth herself–our Mother, our home, our responsibility.

And please let us all seek a simpler path which includes thinking about how our choices impact our Mother.

Wishing you sweetness and peace as we strive together in this vital effort to choose Life!


*Yes, oh yes!*

earth sky air

let this whole day be my prayer
wrapped in the arms of an imagination
that loves so much it spills over
with endless beauty
unnoticed, pushed aside, destroyed
as the empty totems are so busily tended
day in day out

but let this whole day be my prayer
paused in stillness breathing the mystery
seeing all the startling details
as each dulcet note plays 
for me for us
how and why did we ever turn our backs to this
it’s a pretty crazy game
everyone forced to play
can’t we just walk away, somehow

eyes, heart, breath, hand 
know the truth and pant for it
right here underneath the detritus of our dementia
but each whole day was and is our prayer
each step a wordless devotion


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*Delighted to share this beautiful poem…my response a fervent “Yes!”*

earth sky air

I want to lie outside with you
in the deep of the night
lazily searching the stars
as they gaze down at us
the silence and the sounds of the dark earth
wrapping around we two like a cocoon
breathing the scents of summer on us
and in the drifting breeze
the air cool on our warm skin
our voices mere whispers under the dome of the galaxies
the stars dancing their mysteries
surely giving blessing as we gently stumble
awakened into the prayer
we finally offer


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Crows Know the Hour of Prayer


crows know the hour of prayer

I hear them gather each morning

just above my open window

I wrap myself in fringes

they stand ready in burnished black

and together we open our throats

I seek the heights of Spirit

then fold my tent of Meeting

and move into my day

they soar into the heavens

flit between treetop and roof

observant and open to All that is

crows know the hour of prayer

and when we meet again at twilight

maybe they will teach me to fly

What’s The Difference?

What’s The Difference

*from One With Willows copyright 2020 by Joan Myles*

Okay, I forgot.

I’m sixty years old,

and I forgot Helen Keller was deaf.

You laughed.

I laughed.

And for a moment, I was confused.

But really,

what’s the difference?

It doesn’t change anything,

doesn’t insult anyone,

or disrupt world economics.

it’s actually a compliment.

I didn’t forget Keller’s brilliance,

the way she advocated for blind folks around the world,

her eloquent use of words.

I didn’t forget Keller knew German,

French and Greek; appreciated

the ocean, Socialism and Beethoven.

Deafness and blindness

were sudden cliffs

Keller navigated throughout her life,

the shocking scenery

and heart–stopping challenges

most people find too distracting

to go on living.

That’s the difference—

Helen Keller lived.

Thursday Tidbits: De-fault Ain’t Mine

Learning another language is interesting on so many levels as you probably know.

One thing that keeps coming up for me is what happens when the correct word in the correct language does not come readily to mind. I don’t go blank as one might expect. I end up reverting to the last language I studied–kind of a default mode I suppose.

So when I was studying French in College, I naturally defaulted to English. That makes sense.

And in Grad school when I was learning Hebrew, my default became French. That was a bit surprising.

And would you believe it–now as I wade into the shallows of Spanish vocabulary and make chart upon chart of Spanish verb conjugations, Hebrew is popping up all over the place.


*The perfect expression for puzzlement and frustration in any land*

Keep learning, my Darlings!