To All Refugees

Got the Martian sky blues

Ashes down to my shoes

No fresh air in my face

No sunlight anyplace

Fires ablaze all around

Houses burned to the ground

As we huddle inside

Refugees lives collide

We are all refugees

Fleeing hatred unease

Side by side

in the street

Voices raised

on our feet




DJ’s defeat

Blood Sky Lost Kitty

*A strange day here in Salem, with delayed dawn, reddened sky, and a kitten who tried to adopt us. Only after the sky lightened, and the air cleared somewhat did he venture away. Wishing you all sweetness and love as we navigate these trying times, dear friends*

Blood sky lost kitty

Callie ashes fall like snow

Trees and passions blaze

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*from One With Willows, copyright 2019 by Joan Myles*

Past the grip of fisted darkness

We have come again, again.

Past an empty-pantry starkness

We have come.

Past the angry kick of ceilings,

We have come again, again.

Past sagging psalms and ragged feelings

We have come.

Past the oven’s gaping,

Twisted sense of pain-escaping

Words like parachutes come falling

Into consciousness, recalling

Former triumphs of the spirit—

Life embraces, draws us near It,

Declares us in Its Love decree,

Je suis, I am, je suis.