Thirty Years with Leader Dogs: Part 1. Keller

*Ari and I are delighted to share Alice’s remarkabel memories of her devoted canine teammates. Thanks for joining the jurney!*


WORDWALK Presents a Month-long Salute to My Four Leader Dogs:


Part 1. Keller–the Spring of My Four Seasons, Thirty Years, with Leader Dogs


By Alice Jane-Marie Massa

During this entire month of March, my blog posts will be “dog posts” because I will be celebrating thirty years of working with Leader Dogs. The exact magical and memorable date is March 21, 1990, when I received my first Leader Dog Keller, a stunningly beautiful reddish Golden Retriever. After my two pet spaniels, I loved grooming Keller’s long hair. Once, I measured the “feathering” on her back legs: her longest hairs measured fourteen inches.

Throughout these past three decades, my life has been truly blessed with my four guide dogs. “To everything, there is a season….” [Ecclesiastes 3:1] I can easily think of my four Leader Dogs as the four seasons of my life working with guide dogs. When I…

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