**Kindling Friendship**

**I’m reposting this little interview as a way to let you know *Kindling Friendship is coming back…probably not every Friday, but every few weeks or so. And by the way, Yoga and I are still together, still wrestling with ideas and the practice of meaningful living. But more on that later. Blessings and sweetness to you, my darling readers!**

Jewniquely Myself

It’s been a rather dreary Friday today, with gray skies and
intermittent drizzle. And while inhabitants of the Willamette Valley expect daily rain come winter, I can’t help longing for one more summer day, one more forever-blue sky, one more soothing embrace of warmth before the deluge begins.


But I can do something after all. Inside my home, I will soon be kindling the Sabbath light. By lighting candles to welcome the seventh day (according to Jewish calendars, each day begins at sunset the previous day), by commemorating the miracle of Creation, I sanctify time and space, bringing a sense of holiness into the world.

And on this particular Friday, I will also begin to set aside time and space to appreciate friendships which bring me warmth and light. Each Friday I will feature someone I consider a friend—a fellow writer, long-time reader, someone who inspires me, delights me…

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Dirty Dozen Author Interview – Joan Myles/Poet #Uniqueauthors #Meetanauthor

Oh my, what a sweet surprise, I just have to share with my darling readers! Thanks for being there!

Library of Erana

Author name: Joan Myles

Please tell us a little about yourself. What makes you a #Uniqueauthor? I am a poet. But poetry is not just what I do. Poetry is how the world speaks to me–musically, in “pictures” of the heart, in whispers of insight, and throbbings of connection. And if I succeed, the words I configure will do more than relate what I perceive. They will nudge readers to experience these marvels for themselves.

Please tell us about your publications/work. My first book, One With Willows is a collection of what I call “spiritually playful” poetry.  You see, childlike wonder is my lens for viewing the world, childlike wonder and a sense of the Divine. And all my writing is meant to be a kind of footpath for readers into that place of delight, to help them awaken their own childlike wonder, perhaps to find Divinity for themselves.


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Calendars point

And almanacs predict

But you already knew

Autumn is coming

You caught her mood in the breeze

Felt her cocky glance in afternoon light

And as leaves gather at your feet

You hear her crackling voice

Calling you inside

Calling you back to your hearth

Your home and your family

And back to yourself

To what Summer’s frivolity

Holds out of reach

At the end of a very long day

On One Foot

On one foot

…brief updates about me and those I care about

*Oh, we had a ball with the grandsons yesterday…but raising children is truly for the young.

*I just finished reading a wonderful biography about Fyodor Dostoyevsky…and am looking for other good reads…any recommendations?

*Jumping back into yoga with CC today…I’ll keep you posted!

Sweet Troubador

A cricket to my window came

Sweet troubador

Without a name

And sang upon that dismal night

Beneath the moon’s full, golden light

His cheery tune

For all to hear

Who could resist?

So I drew near

And as his melody arose

Like angels up a ladder climb

I felt my worries and my woes

Dissolve and fade

In record time

And every night

That’s happened since

I yet await my singing prince

The moon may wane

Withhold its light

But he renews his song each night

Fulfills the dream I long to claim

Sweet troubador

without a name