Thank You My Darling Friends

There’s something about this imposed isolation–I’m sure you feel it too–that pushes hard against creativity–for me, anyway. It’s like I’m waiting. I’m sitting in the waiting room waiting for answers to a question I can’t even voice, can’t even imagine much less pronounce. Or maybe I’m just waiting to be called, unsure if I even have an appointment, if anyone knows my name, their own names,or if any of us exist at all.

Meanwhile, the free flow of our days now falls into tidy compartments: early morning exercises are followed by huddling around the news; Scrabble games and phone calls are punctuated by catching news updates; Tuesdays we compose online grocery list for Friday pick-up then check headlines; I drift away to write or read, attend to laundry or meals, but everything is weighted with current events.

Only moments sparkle, each precious moment is like the random sunbeam slanting between clouds, pushing its sweet way into the world,past dark phantoms, struggling to find a passageway for itself, to create a passageway for its fellows, to reach meand you, my garden, your rooftop, our spirits, our world.

Thank you, my darling friends, for sharing this moment with me, for the light and blessing you are to the world, for the sweetness of your being.

On The Other Hand

On The Other Hand

…glimmers of sweetness in these difficult times

Maybe you’ve noticed: the need for Social Distancing is creating a broader sense of community; that providing virtual access to events has the remarkable outcome of enabling access to folks who are usually limited by physical barriers; driving after dark, dealing with stairs, even finding a babysitter–these challenges no longer prevent participation when creative thinking is set in motion. Now let’s just keep it rolling.


So what glimmers of sweetness have you observed lately? Please share your brightness!

Wishing you sweetness always

The Child

the child says

“come sit by me”

my heart dances

and I sit

at the piano

he says again

“come sit by me”

I do

and our fingers prance together

across black and white

make tigers growl

loudly then softly

birdies twitter

softly then loudly

He will not sing

Making space for me

To share my voice

*from One With Willows, copyright 2019 by Joan Myles*