Joan’s Writing

Why do I write?

You’ve heard it, I’m sure…sometimes silence speaks. And if you don’t
write it down, don’t rush to catch the word, or phrase, or sense of
being…it may never come again. Never.

And if you manage to trace even the shadow of the thing, you have left
the window open for more visits, perhaps more often…until you and
Silence are practically communing.

So it is with me. I catch an audible glimpse, a whisper, a stirring in
my spirit…and I must try my best to sketch it, if only its outlines.

But don’t be mistaken…

Silence never speaks directly with the ear, only with the soul, one
essence to another. The ear may actually masquerade as the Ego, and so
must excuse himself altogether, must leave the room, the

Only when she sits alone and vulnerable, will your Soul discern the
whispering of Silence.

But you know that, just as I know it. And it is this shared
understanding which brings us together here, together on this path…the
path of joy and delight, of tears and longing, the path which
harmonizes our voices into song, and unifies our footsteps into
dance…the path leading to a sacred space, here and now, and to the

And, sometimes, we find each other, as we pause for a moment to
reflect, to share a refreshing sip of inspiration, or simply to escape
the World, to reclaim what we know to be real.

May this be such a place of blessing for you… as you read, as you
comment, as you delight in the sweetness and discernment of other
readers’ comments.

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8 thoughts on “Joan’s Writing

  1. Glad that you are going to be writing about disability Joan. I got your email last night, and not sure why you can’t subscribe to my site. Have you looked for the button marked “Follow”? I see you managed to “Like” at least one poem yesterday. Hope things start to work for you soon. Not sure that I can Subscribe you from my sude. Much love and hugs to you my friend. Xx

  2. This is so interesting to me because I lost my sight 11 years ago. I am a retired professor of fine arts and humanities. Sight loss cannot take away my passion for life or for the things I love. I can see in your poems the same passion. It is refreshing, for me, to read your poems and envision them through my own blind-sighted experiences and challenges.

    Disability is a topic I seldom discuss in my writing except for articles I write as a Peer Advisor for VisionAware ( on AFB’s website).

    1. Thank you for commenting! I’ve learned blindness can add many complications to life, but it need not squash it entirely. Everything I was before I lost my eyesight at the age of 12–a lover of books and learning, a spiritual seeker, an enthusiast of music and poetry, a friend–

  3. –I remain, through and through. And while I continue to wrestle with the term “disability”, blindness is a significant element of my life experience which often weaves itself into my writing.

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