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In The Wilderness

Even in the wilderness–

Amid list-making and budgeting,

Despite overstuffed closets and the sorting of socks,

Even in the midst of our cluttered thoughts– there is holiness.

The sacredness of relationship,

The holy work of healing,

The divine text each human being brings into the world.

Holiness draws us wordlessly,

Nearer to her, to one another.

So that we become the trees of an orchard, swaying to her rhythms.

We nurture and comfort, gather and build,

Your fruit, my hunger;

my leaves, your shade

So that sleeping and waking and growing

Together, We become one.

So that breath becomes song,

And song tfilah

So that little by little

Particles and waves radiate sanctity.

Then will our briefcases and calendars release us.

Knowing that practicality sustains our existence

That holiness ensures our life.